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storytelling for people in love

You like to love. DEEP. You like to celebrate. HARD.  
You like to look good. REAL GOOD.
You are marrying your ride-or-die. Your better half. Your bae. But more than that, all your loved ones will be present by your side because they are your PEOPLE. They were there for you before, during, and will be there long after your wedding day. These are the besties who will dance alongside you until the shoes come off, be at the ready to refill your champagne flute when it gets dangerously low, and burst into spontaneous singing when your favorite song is played.  
Your wedding will be one for the books, to revisit the stories again and again, and look back upon to spark joy as the adventure of your journey continues. And you want a photographer who GETS IT, who can keep up, and who knows exactly what really matters in the story of this day.  
Let me be there for you. Celebrations are what I do best.
I'm Kathryn Krueger. Over the last 10+ years, I have shot 100s of weddings all over the world. From the "bigger is better" Texas weddings and wild, dance-in-the-street weddings in Mexico, to intimate ceremonies in Belgium. What matters to me when I capture a wedding, is working with couples that care most about their people.  
Anything worth celebrating, is worth celebrating together.
If you connect with my work, I know we will connect too. Let's chat. Drop me a line so we can begin the conversation of the story of your wedding day. I can't wait to meet you! 
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