September, 1, 2013Family

The McLaughlin Family

Dallas, TX

Beckett is one! We had a splashy time at Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas documenting how much this little guy has grown. The travesty of the shoot was my constant offering of a surprise at the end of the shoot for the children only to discover that my dog had eaten all the donut holes by the time we were done. Every. Single. One. She looked like a blimp instead of a weenie dog and the kids had to settle for peanut butter pretzels. Surprise FAIL.  
Things I learned about Beckett on this shoot: crazy water fountains are still on his "unsure" list. Socks, however, of any kind belonging to anyone are his most favorite. Some sad, sorry, soggy sock caught his attention during the session and his devotion to caring for this sock was truly commendable (much to his mother's dismay). Happy birthday little man!

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