December, 16, 2012Family

Patrick + Megan | A New York Session

new york, new york

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! It was everything I had hoped it would be on my first visit this past summer. I know, I know, HOW could it have been my first time to New York? I DON'T KNOW MOM AND DAD, you tell me why I was so sheltered. :) Thank goodness for Patrick and Megan who graciously taught me how New York is done. Strolls in central park, dropping cash on sushi like your life depended on it, and knowing where your metro card is AT ALL TIMES were just a few of the many things I was introduced to. Shouting instructions through Times Square with my skirt tied awkwardly at my knees (because Lord knows those streets would probably cause me to contract something), running recklessly across the street in traffic, and having a stranger whisper under his breath, "Yeah get it," while shooting all truly made me feel like I belonged in New York. On top of it all, I did eat lunch across from Stanley Tucci and had a rat run into my leg: a perfect New York christening. Thank you Patrick and Megan for keeping me safe and being SO good looking. Until next time NY!

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