December, 5, 2016Family

Nola Gray All Day

Dallas, Texas | Dallas Arboretum

Nola Gray's number one favorite game: running away while you chase her. The *perfect* game for a 96 degree Texas day. Not a single adult needed a cold wine immediately after or to stand by the restaurant fans shamelessly for a full 10 minutes. Ok, obviously, WE ALL DID. Bless Texas's heart. 
I love this kid and her family more than words can say. The day she was born, I was there. My heart is so full to see her little life go from a text saying Kara was expecting, to the hours through the night as she labored and Jon coached her, to NG's first breath, and now to seeing her personality unfold and delight us all. Noni - you are so loved and my hope is one day you will appreciate how incredible it is that your mother took me to my first ever "mullet toss" in Florabama. (Spoiler alert - it's a fish, not a wig.) xo

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