October, 16, 2013Family

Jaksha Family Portraits

Austin, Texas

For what greater wonder is there than the heart of a child? Willow is perhaps chief among those most wild and delightful hearts. Charming, certain, creative, and brimming with life she is the apple of her parents' eyes. We took a moment to chat with Willow and inquire of her not-quite-yet-three-years-old mind some pertinent questions. 
Mom + Dad: It looks like Mommy and Daddy are laughing in this picture. Did you make them laugh? 
Willow: Wi-wow so funny and sassy. 
M+D: You mentioned you're a pretty active little girl, were you getting some fitness in during these pictures?  
Willow: Yes. Lots of runnin' and kickin'  
M+D: You sure are giving your Mommy a big hug here, what do you love best about her? 
Willow: Big Hug!!! Wi-wow love the Mommy. She cute, fun, and play pway-dough with me.  
M+D: Are you hiding in a box? You are so silly. 
Willow: Yes. Wi-wow make the castle and sit. [giggles] 
M+D: Willow, what a sad face. What were you thinking here? 
Willow: Daddy and Mommy said no cake pop until we finish pictures. It was so many minutes. 
Deep thoughts from a teeny tiny: treasures among us. Thank you to the Jaksha family for introducing me to my newest best friend. :) 
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